Points of Unity

The Boston Revolutionary Socialists seek to build a local collective in Eastern Massachusetts that can collaborate with other forces and build a stronger movement for revolutionary socialism and liberation.

For Working-Class Power

We are against the system of capitalism and its institutions. A tiny elite gets their wealth from exploitation, theft and violence. Their system is unstable, resulting in war, market crashes, and the climate crisis. We are for socialism, a democracy made and run by the working class and the now-oppressed that puts people before profit. Workers build, transport and teach everything in society. When united and organized to fight, workers have a unique power to strike and shut down the system — and eventually to create a society run by and in the interests of the working class.

For Liberation

Socialists seek to stop not only economic exploitation, but racism, sexism, and all forms of privilege and domination that pit working people and the poor against themselves. Without all the oppressed winning their liberation, without convincing workers to champion these struggles, socialism is impossible. We must not only fight the capitalist system but critically address views and behavior inside our own movement to make it welcoming for survivors, people of color, LGBTQ activists, and all who are serious about ending oppression.

For Revolution from Below

History proves that socialism can only be made by millions of ordinary people — not by bureaucracies, small bands of guerrillas, or politicians. We are not social democrats or democratic socialists. We support fights for reforms now, but capitalism can’t be slowly reformed into socialism. We support running candidates for public office who seriously challenge the current system from the left. But the present form of government and political system make sure that capitalism continues to serve the interests of the rich. Capitalism must be entirely replaced with a new form of direct democracy.

For a World in Revolt

Capitalism is a global system. The movement against it must be global too. We extend our solidarity to all movements fighting against their own ruling classes, regardless of their “position” in the global competition between nations. We seek to learn from movements around the world. “Socialism” based on patriotism within powerful nations like the U.S., member states of the European Union, and China provides a cover for imperialist exploitation and violence. We support the right of self-determination for oppressed nations — like Puerto Rico, Palestine, or the Lakota — as a step towards international working-class solidarity. We oppose all immigration controls and affirm the right of all people — not just of capitalist entrepreneurs and corporations — to move freely across national borders.

For Independent Socialism

The working class, the marginalized, and the oppressed need a party of their own, for revolutionary socialism. We are committed to working with other forces to found such a party. In the meanwhile, we do not endorse or campaign for candidates running in the capitalist parties, which includes the Democratic Party. The working class and the oppressed must break free from the current two-party stranglehold.  We support genuine left-wing candidates and parties that are independent of the capitalist political establishment.

How We Organize Our Collective

  • We seek to build a local revolutionary socialist collective in Eastern Massachusetts that can collaborate with other forces and build a stronger movement for revolutionary socialism and liberation. Our collective serves to share our individual work in struggles, to train ourselves in socialist politics, and to organize among wide numbers of working people.

  • Many past and present socialist formations, despite their stated principles and formal procedures, have failed in practice to establish genuine democracy and accountability. Abuses of power — especially against members from specially oppressed groups, but against all dissenting voices as well — have stifled the potential to build a truly mass revolutionary movement in this country.

  • We seek to carry forward the best lessons of the socialist movement and create practices that mark a sharp break from previous oppressive or despotic methods. At the forefront of these new practices are transparency and accountability. We want socialists who can think for themselves, organize independently, and work together as comrades.

Prospective members must additionally agree to the Revolutionary Socialist Network’s Policy On Sexual Assault and Gender-Based Violence to be eligible for membership.

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