Irpin, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. 1 April 2022. Photo: Oleksandr Ratushniak / UNDP Ukraine:

Stop the War in Ukraine! A call to action

A joint statement of principled anti-imperialist and internationalist organizations and individuals across the U.S. left calls to build a new antiwar movement. Sign the statement as an individual or organization and join the organizing efforts.

The undersigned organizations and individuals agree on these basic principles. We offer this statement as a set of core principles to help galvanize an antiwar movement that is both anti-imperialist and internationalist in outlook.

1) WE OPPOSE RUSSIA’S INVASION OF UKRAINE AND CALL FOR THE IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL OF ALL TROOPS. The invasion has created a humanitarian crisis and has moved the world closer to a war that could have dire consequences for all people and life on this planet.

2) WE SUPPORT THE UKRANIAN PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE WITHOUT GIVING POLITICAL SUPPORT TO THE UKRANIAN STATE. The real potential power in Ukraine is the workers of that country. We support their right to national sovereignty and to resist invasion, while we strongly oppose any foreign intervention. We also support their struggle for class independence, against Ukrainian capitalism and homegrown fascism, while they fight against the Russian invasion.

3) WE SUPPORT THE VALIANT ANTI-WAR ORGANIZING OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE IN THE ACE OF EVER-INCREASING STATE REPRESSION. We extend our solidarity and call for the release of all political prisoners held by the Russian state.

4) WE OPPOSE NATO EXPANSION, U.S. MILITARISM, AND ANY U.S. OR NATO INTERVENTION. We know that U.S. imperialism and its allies have no progressive or humanitarian role to play in the world. NATO is and has been an instrument of imperialist aggression and must be dismantled. The genocidal U.S.-backed wars and occupations, including Yemen and Palestine, must end now.

5) WE OPPOSE THE IMPOSITION OF A NO-FLY ZONE OVER UKRAINE. A no-fly zone would be an act of war and a dangerous escalation between two nuclear-armed superpowers.

6) WE OPPOSE ALL IMPERIALIST SANCTIONS AGAINST RUSSIA AND BELARUS & WE DEMAND THE CANCELLATION OF UKRAINE’S FOREIGN DEBT. Sanctions cause misery and deprivation for working people and cannot effectively target those responsible. The people of Russia and Belarus will bear the brunt of these sanctions. Sanctions are not an alternative to war but are, in fact, war by other means. Additionally, Ukraine’s foreign debt should be cancelled immediately.

7) WE CALL FOR OPEN BORDERS AND SANCTUARY FOR ALL REFUGEES, REGARDLESS OF RACE, RELIGION OR NATIONAL ORIGIN. Millions of Ukrainians have fled seeking aid and comfort. They deserve refuge and help. The millions fleeing the reactionary war in Yemen, Syrians fleeing state repression in their country, and Central Americans seeking asylum at the southern border of the U.S. also must be protected and offered sanctuary.

8) WE OPPOSE NATIONAL CHAUVINISM AND THE FAR RIGHT. This war has strengthened the far-right both in Russia and Ukraine. It is also fueling racist rhetoric in Europe and the U.S., which counterposes the rights of “civilized” European peoples to those of “uncivilized” racialized peoples in order to justify racism, discrimination, and imperialist domination. We stand against attacks on people of Russian heritage. We counterpose working-class solidarity and internationalism to the poison of nationalism and racism.

9) WE OPPOSE THE ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION INHERENT TO WAR. The armies in the field generate large amounts of greenhouse gasses. The U.S. military is the largest institutional emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world. Since the beginning of the War on Terror, the U.S. military has produced more than 1.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases. Additionally, active combat in the vicinity of nuclear power plants in Ukraine could have disastrous consequences if radioactive materials are released into the atmosphere.

10) WE DEMAND THE RESOURCES NOW USED FOR WAR BE USED TO MEET HUMAN NEEDS. This war is not in the interests of working people in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, and worldwide. The billions squandered on this war could be used to address the effects of climate change, to provide relief for hunger and sickness internationally, and to make sure that all of the world is vaccinated against Covid-19.


We are calling on the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist left to unite in action around these points. We oppose both campism (the idea that any state that opposes U.S. imperialism is automatically anti-imperialist or “progressive” in the face of U.S aggression) and social patriotism (when those on the left turn away from socialist internationalism and workers’ solidarity to support their respective governments), which has taken hold in social democratic and liberal circles.

Much of the international left and antiwar movement today take one of two main positions. Some take an uncritical position on the Russian invasion, believing that all of the blame for the situation lies at Washington’s feet, and either adapt to Russian propaganda points or ignore the reactionary character of the Russian regime. Others take a pacifist position calling for negotiations and for both sides to stop fighting. We believe that the Ukrainian people have the right to self-defense independent of U.S. and NATO control or interference.

If you agree with the points below, we urge you to join us in building a new mass-action oriented antiwar movement that fights imperialist war on all fronts. To join the movement, please [visit this link and] enter your email in the * section below, so we can reach out to you to begin building together. To contact us or get more information, submit in the ** section below.


1) We oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and call for the immediate withdrawal of all troops
2) We support the Ukrainian people’s right to self-defense without giving political support to the Ukrainian state.
3) We support the valiant antiwar organizing of the Russian people in the face of ever-increasing state repression.
4) We oppose NATO expansion, U.S. militarism, and any U.S. or NATO intervention.
5) We oppose the imposition of a no-fly zone over Ukraine.
6) We oppose all imperialist sanctions against Russia and Belarus, and demand the cancellation of Ukraine’s foreign debt.
7) We call for open borders and sanctuary for all refugees regardless of race, religion or national origin.
8) We oppose national chauvinism and the far right.
9) We oppose the environmental destruction inherent to war.
10) We demand the resources now used for war be used to meet human needs.

Organizational signatories

Workers’ Voice
Revolutionary Socialist Network
Revolutionary Socialist Organizing Project
Seattle Revolutionary Socialists
Denver Communists
Denver Action Network
Boston Revolutionary Socialists

Individual signatories (organizational affiliations listed for identification purposes only)

Steve Leigh , Seattle Revolutionary Socialists
James Sattva, Workers Voice, Tempest Collective, IWW
LAM Chi Leung, Hong Kong, China
John Buttell
Derek Bartholomew, Tempest, About-Face (VAW)
Maureen Curtin, New York
Bill V Mullen
Katie Dewald
Brian Schwartz
Taytyn Badger
Alex Jersey, People’s Liberation Coalition
James Radek, Denver, CO, Denver Communists, RSN, RSOP
Mary Nicole Reeves, Denver Communists
Eric Fretz
David Walsh Former Pres. TCU/IAM Lodge 1089 Amtrak
Michael Sands, Aurora, CO, Denver Communists
Janette Corcelius
E. Reed, Boston Revolutionary Socialists, RSN, RSOP
Roland D. Schain
Mike Alewitz, Professor Emeritus, Mural Painting, Central CT State University
Tom De Comoros, Denver Communists
Susanna Patterson, Stillwater, Minnesota
Julia Rapkin, Santa Rosa, CA, SEIU 1021 steward
Nathaniel Miller
Cooper B, Philadelphia, Workers Voice
Mischa Coldwater
Tyler White, Mosaic Atlanta
Sebastian, IWW & Mosaic ATL
Justin, Mosaic Atlanta
Sean J, Workers’ Voice
Kolo Wamba, Redwood City, CA, Worker’s Voice
Nikoli O’Dwyer, Connecticut Antifascists
Mike Pearn, London, England
Kim Gasper-Rabuck Madison WI RSOP
Jonathan M Cunningham
Danielle, Indiana
Jonathan Jacklin, Mesa Arizona
Tina Trutanich
H. Bradford, Duluth MN, Workers Voice and AFSCME 3558