EVENT: Capitalism Causes COVID

We Need an Alternative.

From COVID’s origins to the continued surges of new variants, capitalism is at the root of the pandemic crisis. Join socialists on the North Shore to talk about building a socialist movement to defeat COVID, the system that spawned it, and the rich that put us at risk.

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Capitalism’s destruction of the environment and factory farming have led to “zoonotic spillover”. Swine flu, MERS, SARS, Ebola and now COVID originate from human industry encroaching on wilderness, then diseases jumping from animals to humans.

Since the end of the initial lockdowns, capitalism has done little to nothing to stop continued surge of deaths and hospitalizations from the virus. In the United States, after 880,000 deaths (more than 500,000 of those since January 2021), Biden is only now sending just 4 at-home test kits.

The competition between businesses has also led to a competition between nations. Rather than end the vaccine patents, nations are competing for vaccine doses, leaving the poorest nations unprotected — and fertile ground for the rise of new variants like Omicron in South Africa.

Meanwhile, the rich are making out handsomely. In the US, billionaires’ wealth increased by $2.1 trillion. In China, billionaires’ wealth increased by $1.5 trillion. As for working-class people in both countries, 89 million people are out of work in the US, and Chinese factories continue to put up nets to stave off worker suicides from over-work.

We need an alternative. We need genuine socialism, run by workers with real democracy from the bottom up. Join the Boston Revolutionary Socialists to discuss building a movement to end the COVID pandemic and the system that spawned it.