Defend Salem State

Salem State University students and members of the community are organizing against a far-right preacher who keeps coming to campus and spreading hate.

Counter-protest hate on Wednesday November 3 at 11:30 AM

A far-right preacher has carried a message of hate to Salem State University’s campus, against queer and trans students, staff and faculty… against those who need abortions and gender healthcare… against those who are Muslim, Jewish and follow many other beliefs.

This isn’t about his free speech. His message emboldens others who will attack our community and make us all less safe. Hate crimes follow rhetoric, even where the speaker themselves hasn’t called for violence.

It appears the university administration cares more about protecting the institution from lawsuits than protecting students, staff, and faculty. We must be the ones to protect us.


Assemble on Wednesday 11/3 at 11:30 AM outside the Ellison Campus Center

If the preacher doesn’t show, we’ll still hold a rally for abortion rights, queer and trans liberation, and racial justice.

To get involved with the organizing, contact us.