Revolutionary Socialism for Beginners

A new opportunity to learn the basics of revolutionary socialism starts Thursday, November 5th.

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Every day, we’re seeing more and more examples of the willingness of the system we live under, capitalism, to sacrifice human lives for profit. The rich are willing to deny masks to nurses and let tens of thousands die to get businesses open. Wall Street is making billions, but millions are out of work. Unarmed Black people get murdered but armed white right-wingers are called heroes. But for every example of oppression we also see resistance.

It’s not just bad people; it’s a rotten system. So why is capitalism the problem? And if we hope to have a future, how can we turn protests into real change?

Over 7 sessions every other week, you’ll learn about how society works, the power of the regular working-class people and how socialists can organize today. The readings are designed to be free of jargon or dated references.

Schedule of Topics:

  • Why Revolutionary Socialism?
  • How Capitalism Doesn’t Work: War, Climate, and Crisis
  • How Capitalism Does Work: The Economy
  • Workers’ Power: Why the Working Class Can Change Society
  • Revolution or Reform?
  • Divide and Conquer: Oppression as a Tool for Capitalism
  • How We Organize to Win

Hosted by the Boston Revolutionary Socialists. Register here.